Monthly Get Hep Swing Dances:

Dances In Lakewood:

Second Fridays of every month.*
LOCATION: Lakewood Masonic Temple
(see Locations)

Dances In Cleveland:

Last Saturdays of every month.*
LOCATION: The Waterloo Ballroom in the Slovenian Workmen's Home
(see Locations)


Each dance is $12/person, $10/students and seniors with valid IDs.


8pm - 12am, LIVE Band & DJ music....see below for band listing.
Get Hep Swing Jitterbug lesson from 8-9pm

*Please be sure to check our calendar for special events and changes of venue!



Always bring a change of shirt!
If you sweat a lot, guy or girl, bring extra shirts, and use them. Also bringing a towel to wipe off once in awhile is nice too. Your partner will thank you!

Smell nice, dance nice, be nice.
The world will love you.

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